Department of Water Resources
Facilitation Support Services Application
Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Development
The Department of Water Resources is offering Facilitation Support Services (FSS) to help GSAs and local water management groups foster discussions among diverse water management interests and jurisdictions in support of developing Groundwater Sustainability Plans.

For questions or assistance with this FSS Application, please contact Simar Dhanota at or (916) 651-0889.
Please answer each question and provide supporting documentation where possible.
I. Applicant Background

(Questions 1-6 of 17)
* 1) Select the groundwater basin/subbasin that is in need of FSS:
Only one FSS application per groundwater basin/subbasin is allowed.
* 2) Enter groundwater basin/subbasin applicant information:
Applicant Name:
Point of Contact:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
*3) Is the applicant affiliated with a GSA?
Which GSA is the applicant affiliated with, or if not affiliated with a GSA, provide an explanation. If the applicant is not affiliated with a GSA, briefly describe how the request for professional facilitation will aid the development of GSP(s) for the groundwater basin/subbasin
identified above, and how the applicant plans to work with GSAs that are developing the GSP(s).
* 4) Please provide a narrative discussion on the applicant's current involvement, roles, and responsibilities regarding SGMA implementation
activities located within the groundwater basin/subbasin.
*5) What other professional facilitation funding or services has the applicant received from the State?
(please specify)
6) Please explain the scope and current status of any non-DWR professional facilitation funding or services that has been received.
II. Collaboration within and across Groundwater Basin/Subbasin Boundaries

(Questions 7-10 of 17)
Note: DWR FSS for GSP development requires collaboration amongst GSAs and other local or regional water management groups at the groundwater basin/subbasin level, and encourages collaboration across groundwater basin/subbasin boundaries.
* 7) List all GSAs within the groundwater basin/subbasin that the applicant is currently collaborating with, or intends to collaborate with, on
GSP development:
* 8) Are there any GSAs across the groundwater basin/subbasin boundary, that the applicant currently is, or intends to collaborate with, on GSP development?
Please address the same question, regarding local/regional water management groups, within and across, the groundwater basin/subbasin boundary.
* 9) Please discuss the nature of collaboration. Are the GSAs collaborating on public outreach, stakeholder involvement, data sharing,
and GSP development? Any other types of collaboration that currently exist or are planned?
* 10) Which beneficial uses and users of groundwater has the applicant established a venue for engagement, or plans to establish a
venue for engagement? (List all applicable uses and users of groundwater – see Water Code Section 10723.2)
III. Facilitation Needs

(Questions 11-14 of 17)
* 11) Please explain the key challenges the applicant has encountered that has led to the need for professional facilitation.
* 12) DWR’s FSS program requires applicants to have a well-defined goal for the requested services. What is the applicant’s goal for professional facilitation?
* 13) Which general categories are you seeking professional facilitation? (select all that apply)
* 13.a) Please select the topics for which you are seeking professional facilitation. (select all that apply)
(please specify)
14) Please provide additional information on activities that professional facilitation will help support.
IV. Applicant's Commitments

(Questions 15-16 of 17)
*15) DWR requires ALL of the following commitments from applicants benefiting from DWR’s FSS program. Please review and select each commitment:
Please add additional notes on how the applicant will fulfill these commitments.
16) With respect to commitments, are there any other considerations DWR should take into account?
V. Anticipated Tasks and Timeline

(Questions 17 of 17)
17) Please summarize anticipated tasks, deliverables, and completion dates to be completed with support of DWR FSS.
(Applicants can use the text box or attach files below.)