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Written Translation Services
Under SGMA, groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) shall encourage the active involvement of diverse social, cultural, and economic interests and consider all beneficial uses and users of groundwater when developing groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs). DWR’s Written Translation Services is available to help GSAs, or other groups assisting in local SGMA implementation efforts, to communicate the groundwater planning activities with their non-English speaking constituents. GSAs, or other groups, may submit written notices, letters, forms, presentations, fact sheets, pamphlets, leaflets, and brochures to DWR for translation.

For questions or assistance with this WTS Request, please contact Balraj Tammali at or (916) 384-6061.
I. Written Translation Service Request: 8 Questions Total
* 1) Select the groundwater basin/subbasin that is in need of WTS.
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*7) Which language(s) is needed for WTS?
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File attachment instructions:
Required MS Word or PowerPoint File: Upload MS Word or PowerPoint that is requested to be translated.
Required PDF File: Upload a PDF example of the final product.

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• Content spacing and formatting may be affected through the translation process and should be checked prior to finalization by the applicant.
• DWR does not review, take responsibility for, or endorse the content submitted for written translation.
• Although DWR’s service provider will take care to provide appropriate and meaningful translation; accuracy is not guaranteed.